Tues Aug 1st
10AM Children's fun and games...see rec team  at the hall for lots of fun....your choice today   
2:00 PM - Get Dizzy and go Relay! 
Wed Aug 2nd 
10:00 AM –Chocolate bar bingo at the Rec Hall 
2:00 PM – Water Balloon Races!! Meet at the Stage!!! 
Thurs  Aug 3rd
10:00 AM - Out door water activites, meet at the stage
2:00 PM - Boot Camp in the Rec Hall!! 
7:30 - 9:30 PM - Wii Night at the Rec Hall
Fri Aug 4th 
10 am – Balloon Rocket Making! Meet at the rec hall
2:00 PM- Balloon Rocket RACE @ the Rec Hall!! 
8:00 PM - Darts in the Rec Hall. . 
Sat Aug 5th 
10:00 AM - Noon - Free Boat Rides, (Canoe & Kayak)  Please register at the office.  Adult permission is required. 
 2:00 PM - Chocolate Bar Bingo 
7:00 - 10:00 PM – Children & teen’s Movie and Pizza night!  Meet at the Rec Hall. 
 10pm-1am  Karaoke Night tonight
Sun Aug 6th
10am Children prize bingo
2:00 PM – Surprise Games @ the Rec Hall!!! Come and have TONS of fun!! 
7PM Street Hockey 
8:00 PM - Bingo in the Rec Hall.  Adults Only!        
Mon Aug  7TH
Annual Golf tournament today.  Check with Roddie MacArthur #76 for registration for loads of fun.
 10:00 AM - Children's Crafts in the Rec Hall. 
2:00 PM - Musical Chairs in the Rec Hall
Tues Aug 8th
10:00 am – Crafts at the rec hall
2:00 pm - Kids bingo in the Rec Hall.  
Wed Aug 9th
10:00 AM - Children Games at the Tennis court!
2:00 PM - Water Game, Meet at the court
Thurs Aug 10th 
10:00 AM - Arts and crafts in the rec hall
2:00 PM – dinosaur egg hunt.  Help Momma dinosaur find her eggs. The babies are due anytime.  
Fri Aug 11th LADIES DAY AT THE BEACH (see Melanie MacLeod)
10:00 AM – Scavenger Hunt around the park!! 
2:00 PM –Games at the court 
8pm Darts 
Sat Aug 12th
10am Free boat rides    
2:00 PM – Skip & Hopscotch Games in the Tennis Court!!!
9pm-1am Karaoke with Anita 
Sun Aug 13th 
2 pm Tupperware party at the rec hall
2:00PM  Beach Water Balloon Relay! Meet at the Stage!! 
7:00PM Street Hockey 
8:00 PM - Adult Bingo in the Rec Hall
Mon Aug 14th 
10 AM  Chocolate Bar Bingo 
2:00PM Christmas crafts in the rec hall. 
Tues Aug 15th 
10:00 AM - Twister in the Court
2:00 PM- Music n dancing in the rec hall
Wed Aug 16th
10:00 AM –Crafts in the Rec Hall
2 PM Free boat rides with the rec team 
 Thurs Aug 17th10 AM  BOOKMOBILE
10:00 AM –  Prize bingo for kids
2: 00  PM – Children music and dancing in rec hall
Fri Aug 18th 10:00 AM – Balloon Ping Pong at the Rec Hall
2:00 PM- Pudding Eating Contest / Rec Hall
8:00 - 10:00 PM - Children's Wiener Roast and Campfire. Meet the Rec Crew near the Bridge. Music, Marshmallows & Campfire songs!
 8:00 PM - Darts in the Rec Hall.
SAT Aug 19th
10AM- 12noon..Free boat rides  Come to the office ..parental permission required.
Hall is in use for a private event today.
See our rec team or office staff for events in alternate location. 
Reid / Halliday wedding.  
Please respect the wedding location on the beach on the right just inside the bridge.  The couple will exchange their vows in this setting at   pm.  Reception etc at the rec hall.  This will be a private part.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Sun Aug 20th
10am  Freezie bingo
2PM-  Crafts for Christmas tree
7 pm Street hockey 
8 pm Darts in the rec hall
Mon Aug 21st 
10 am Chocolate bar bingo 
2:00 PM- Crafts in the rec hall
Tues Aug 22nd
10:00 AM Christmas Coloring and games in the rec hall. 
2:00 PM Twister in the court
Wed Aug 23rd
10 AM – Craft..balloon rocket at the hall
2:00 PM- Balloon Rocket Racing at the tennis court    
Thurs Aug 24th 
10:00 AM – Christmas Scavenger hunt! Meet at the Stage!!!! 
2:00 PM – Christmas Crafts at the Rec Hall    
Fri Aug 25 th
10:00 AM -Do you want to build a snowman?! Come to the rec hall for some christmas crafts
Dusk...Meet at the court for Christmas tree lighting ceremony...cake and cider to warm your heart.  Dancing afterwards for the children. 
8 pm Darts rec hall.
Sat Aug 26th Merry Christmas All
930am  Meet the rec team  for decorating for the parade at the stage
1:15 Parade entries meet in the wharf area at bridge
2 pm Santa arrives by boat..Have cameras ready.
Children's Christmas party to follow in the Tennis Court. 
Please Note:  If this is your first Christmas at Ben Eoin, please see our office staff for direction regarding gifting for children. 
5:00 PM - Christmas Dinner in the Rec Hall by Sandy’s Catering.  Stuffed Chicken Breast Dinner with all the trimmings and dessert, tea or coffee. Skip the work and book early with us.
Tickets are $11.95 for adults and $8.957for children.  Take out or eat in Tickets are available at the office.  Eat in is at 5:00 PM and take out is at the garage door at 5:30pm.
9pm Christmas Dance 
Ticket Draw by Santa at 11pm
Music by: Spyder 
Prizes for Best Decorations will be presented at the Dance.  
Sun Aug 27th 
10:00 AM- Come help us pack Christmas decorations for next year
2:00 PM- Children's Bingo
7 pm Street Hockey
8:00 PM - Adult Bingo in the Rec Hall.
Mon  Aug 28th 
10:00 AM - Children Games at the Tennis court!
2:00 PM - Water Game, Meet at the court
Tues Aug 29TH 
10:00 AM- Hop scotch, skipping, tag in the court
2:00 PM- Colouring in the Rec Hall
Wed Aug 30th
10:00 AM- Kid's choice for game, come and enjoy the morning. 
2:00 PM- Children's Bingo in the Rec Hall
Thurs Aug 31st
10:00AM- Colouring in the rec hall
2:00 PM- Paper plane making and racing. 
Fri Sept 1st
10:00 AM- Games in the tennis court
2:00 PM- Craft and painting in the rec hall
8 pm Darts
Sat Sept 3rd
10am - Games in the Court
2pm Say good bye to our rec team as our season comes to a close.  
Sunday Sept 3rd  Join us tonite in the court for a nite with Jason Reid our DJ…
GREAT TIMES   9pm-1am
WATCH THE LITE BOARD in the office window for further activities  for Sept .




It’s been so much fun with you all!

See you next time when we are together again.