Our success is directly contributed to our many campers.  Please take the time to read and understand the following guidelines and help make our resort community one we can all be proud of.   If you are considering a plan that is not covered in the rules or policies please ask the manager


~CAMPERS POLICIES~   When in doubt...check it out!


1.      When renting a site for the season all seasonal guests agree to abide by the campground general rules and seasonal campers' policies.  


2.      Management maintains the right to refuse admission or to ask any party or parties to leave based on the judgment of the situation.


3.      Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. will not be responsible for loss or damage of any kind or nature.  All occupants of Ben Eoin Beach Campground are responsible to maintain insurance coverage on any and all personal property in any manner and Ben Eoin Beach Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind or nature.


4.      Quiet hours are from midnight to 8 a.m and are enforceable by our security personnel.


5.      Please assure supervision of all children in the campground especially in the beach and wharf areas. 


6.      Please ensure your car passes are clearly displayed on your windshield for the entire season.  As an added measure of security please have all guests and visitors check in at the office when arriving for a guest pass to be returned to the office upon their departure.  For larger events please stop by the office for arrangements.


7.       Each camper is responsible for his or her family and guests.  Children under 18 cannot be left unattended at the site overnight and must be on the site by midnight.  Please be considerate of your neighbors when hosting a social event.  


8.      Subletting of the lot assigned to you is not permitted but trailer rental is permitted with the approval of the manager. The owner of the trailer is      responsible to assure the rules and policies are followed on their lot and their tenant is supplied with passes to the park through the office.


9.      Vehicles: Seasonal campers are permitted two car parking on site as room allows.  Please assure any extra cars are located out of roadways or vacant lots.  Guest parking is permitted at the entrance lot.  No motorcycles, minibikes or ATV’s admitted, except registering guests entering or leaving the campground.  Storage of boats is permitted in the boat parking facility at the front of the property for your convenience.  Speed limit 10 mph. throughout the park. Children’s vehicles, motorized and non-motorized are to be supervised by the parents.  The speed limits are to be abided by.  Helmets are required and safety first is foremost!


10.   Please abide by all Provincial regulations pertaining to the safe use of watercrafts.  Anyone displaying persistent unsafe use will be asked to permanently remove the craft from the property.


11.   Please contact the manager for information before you proceed with washing of vehicles or trailers.  In an effort to assure adequate amounts of water we ask you to conserve.


12.   Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. realizes that pets are a part of many camping families.  All pets must be leashed.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.  Please do not leave your pet unattended if you are leaving for the day.  


13.   Campfire fireplaces are allowed on the site provided there is a 12 foot diameter free zone around it.  This includes trees, overhanging branches, trailers, or automobiles cannot be located within this circle.  A closed fire pit is required.    Campfires are required to be attended at all times.  Remember trailers have vinyl roofs and sparks are a hazard to your trailer and others.


14.   The use of alcoholic beverages is PROHIBITED in the rec hall, public areas, and on the beaches.  The use of alcoholic beverages is RESTRICTED to the campers’ assigned site, and all existing provincial regulations are in effect.


15.   Please do not disfigure trees by cutting or nailing into them.  Check with the manager if you have a concern about a tree and its condition or location.


16.   Please assure the removal of clotheslines after use for the safety of adults and children.


17.   Restrooms will be closed daily for cleaning please do not enter the building at that time.  Please do not overload the washing machines and dryers.  To assure machine availability for all do not leave your laundry unattended for extended periods of time.


18.   The recreation room is for everyone's use.  If you would like to use the space for a special event please see the manager about scheduling a time.


19.   Satellite dishes: Permission to install must be guided by the manager.  Please ask before you have an installation that needs to be moved.


20.   Rubbish: Cans are provided for the disposal of household trash and limited yard waste.  There is a separate receptacle for recycle material.  Large items (mattresses, bikes, gas grills, etc.) are the camper’s responsibility to remove.  Propane tanks or other hazardous materials can pose a severe risk if placed in the rubbish.  Please remove from the property to a proper facility. 


21.   General housekeeping and lawn care on seasonal sites are the tenant’s responsibility.  We provide mowers and whipper snippers for your convenience.  Service can be provided in instances of health issues upon management approval.


22.   An awning can be a maximum of 8 feet wide: i.e. the distance from the side of the trailer and cannot have walls of any kind.  The length of the awning cannot exceed the length of the trailer. Wooden structures of any kind are not permitted. 


23.   Decks can be built using either 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 pressure treated wood for frames, with pressure treated decking boards on top. Decks must also be built in sections, each being no larger than 8' x 8 for ease of movement.   Concrete blocks are to be under all legs at ground level.  Please do not store debris under you trailer or deck in view.  The maximum size is 8' wide and no longer than the length of the trailer body only.  Decks are not permitted across the front or rear of the trailer and only one deck per unit permitted.


24.   Storage of firewood must be out of site to the general public and it must be off the ground to prevent infestation to the property.  All deliveries of firewood to seasonal sites are to be pre-authorized by the office.


25.   Only VINYL storage boxes are permitted on site with a maximum width of 6 feet and depth of 3 feet by 3 feet high


26.   Tents for guests are allowed temporarily in the area directly adjacent to the trailer for the purpose of the permanent occupant's guests with the approval of the manager.  Storage tents or closed sided shelters for storage or vehicles are not permitted on sites or common areas.  Please contact the manager if in doubt. 


27.   Please notify the office re the purchase of a new unit.  Household toilets are not permitted in the park due to the excessive water usage.  Any 12' wide park models cannot be housed in this park.  


28.   We realize that a beautiful site is very attractive to a potential buyer of a trailer but remember the trailer sale and site rental are separate transactions.  Buyers need to be approved by the manager.   Please assure the manager is aware you are entering into an agreement to an onsite sale.  Ben Eoin Beach Ltd reserves the right to regulate and approve all ownership transfers. 


29.   No outside refrigeration permitted.


30.   Much of the work we do to keep our resort looking beautiful and running smoothly happens when you are not here.  The late fall and early spring are essential times for us to complete necessary maintenance and repair on our utilities and facilities.  Please visit as you prepare your site for the season.  We ask that you remove all garbage you may generate as at that time of year we do not have a means in place to dispose of waste.  Remember the May long weekend is our heavy work weekend and we close completely for safety reasons.


31.   You will be responsible for winterizing your unit.  To ensure that your unit is ready please remove all liquid and perishable items.   When leaving the trailer, it is advisable to turn off the hot water heater, furnace, A/C, gas tanks and the water line.  


We thank you for staying with us and supporting our efforts to continue improving your camping experience!

Happy Camping to you all!  Ben Eoin Beach Ltd., Board of Directors / Approved March 29//2010