Ben Eoin Beach RV Resort & Campground

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Ben Eoin Beach Ltd Seasonal Application


Name/ names of owners_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Street Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


City______________Province__________________Postal Code________________________________


Phone #____________________________Work___________________________Cell_______________________________


Vehicle #1______________Licence___________________Vehicle 2________________________Licence______________________


Seasonal site type preferred:                   Non Waterfront____ Waterfront__SuperSite________________________________


Please check for all items your trailer is equipped with


Air conditioning___(no charge if covered)Winter Storage on your lot (trailer, deck etc considered storage on lot)____________


Electric hot water heater if equipped_______ Electric heater or fireplace inside trailer if equipped________________________


Tipping fee required ____________



Payment in full upon registration     $__________


Installments offered in spring beginning May upon  registration


Visa or mastercard number_______________________________________Exp date_____________________________________

for automatic payment through the office. All other payments are to be in full by cash/cheque/money order/or visa or MC upon registration.


*****Ben Eoin Beach Ltd requires all trailers and equipment of any type occupying any type of site or visiting the park to be fully covered by insurance and the owner and/ or the tenant and /or the occupant of the unit to guarantee the protection is current throughout the stay at our park.


 read the park information as provided & sign below:

  I understand and agree:

with the terms of this agreement and the policies of Ben Eoin Beach Ltd

that I will abide by and comply with all lawful by-laws, rules and regulations of every municipal or other authority which in any manner relate to or affect the premises and will indemnify and save harmless Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. from any costs, charges or damages to which Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. may be put or suffer by reason of the breach of any such by-law, rule or regulation.

that my occupancy is seasonal or temporary and not permanent and that I must re-apply for occupancy each season.

that Ben Eoin Beach Ltd is a seasonal campground designed for recreational vacation purposes.

I shall be responsible for and shall relieve, indemnify and save Ben Eoin Beach Ltd.  harmless from and against:

(a)     all liability for personal injury and/or

(b)    damage to property occurring in or about the site caused by myself or my agents; and (b) any loss or damage from my failure to perform obligations under this agreement, excluding any loss or damage caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. or its agents, servants, employees, contractors or licensees.

This agreement is resiliated of right, without notice, if I or my agents or guests contravenes or does not observe any of the terms, clauses, conditions and provisions of this agreement and the policies of Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. Including:

(a)     the non-payment of fees

(b)    the quiet enjoyment of premises

(c)     the promotion or solicitation of other beach resorts or campgrounds

(d)    any other contravention or breach of a Ben Eoin Beach Ltd Policy.

If Ben Eoin Beach Ltd terminates occupancy under this agreement, I shall vacate the site peacefully and surrender to Ben Eoin Beach Ltd. within the three (3) days following receipt of the notice of termination. 


Signature of agreement by tenant________________________________________________Date________________________________________________________________


Lot #ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ _________________


Return to: Ben Eoin Beach Ltd   1139 Upper Prince Street  Sydney NS  B1P5P8    or or

 902 828 3100